Drum Circle


Drumming belongs among the oldest forms of communication. The drum had found its way into all of parts of the world and played an important part in tribes structures.
Main benefit of group drumming is the interconnection of the tribe in the tuning to the common rhythm. Some tribes have been drumming before each session of the elders especially before important matters were discussed. The connection through the common rhythm makes communication much smoother it melts down social barriers releases stress and creates a feeling of togetherness, trust and brings out the happiness. Modern form of these ancient rituals is called Drum Circle.

Drum Circle

Facilitated Drum Circle is method developed by Arthur Hull on Hawaii. It is a certified method of leading groups of people who use drums and percussions and other rhythmic instruments. The music or melodies created is not the goal of these activities but they are created as a byproduct of interaction and cooperation in between the participants. Drumming is used here as ametafor for activation of team processes like communication, support, team spirit, leadership and ability to follow the lead, trust and cooperation of different departments.


Pearson leading the group is called a facilitator; he is not directing, he merely enables the process to happen. Facilitator takes upon him several roles during the session according to the needs and abilities of the group. He starts in the position of a director controlling the group and through the session he gradually moves in the position of a conductor; when that happens, the group doesn’t need to be directed by single authority and the group is than able organically work with the rhythm and pacing on its own and can change the process according to the circumstances and needs of the group.


Group drumming is an excellent program both for conferences and events as well as for team building purposes or leadership program.


Team drumming enhances the concentration of participants and it energizes and relaxes the atmosphere of the event. People get tuned to the same “wave” after the common experience of drumming and they’re attention span expands to almost 90 minutes, giving your presentation the focus it deserves.
Drumming is an excelent activity for conferences and events ass a kick starter in the morning, revitalizer after lunch breake or as an astounding finisher for celebrating the event.
Length: 30 – 60 minutes
50 – 1000 participants

Team Building

The team drumming will energize, cement and relax the group in a very enjoyable, engaging and unique way. It also enhances the team processes like communication or leadership and it melts away social barriers that might exist between colleagues or departments.
This form of the program is great for small to medium sized teams.
Length: 45 – 90 minutes
10 – 50 participants


Drumming in schools has the same positive impact on children as it has on people in companies. School drumming works as a bullying prevention, it melts the social barriers, it deepens the relationship between children and teachers alike. It releases the surplus energy in children so it is an amazing tool to work with ADHD children.

School drumming

A whole school drumming event for both first and second level of elementary as well as for high school students. It is an exceptional form for celebration or starting / ending the school year or during the school project days.
Length: 45 minutes
200 – 350 children

Teacher drumming

Drumming session also holds great benefits for the school teachers and works as a prevention to occupational burnout and a stress release agent. Drumming itself replenishes the vital energy and ithelps to reduce the stress levels.
Length: 90 minutes
20 – 50 teachers


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