The Haka

What is the Haka?

The Haka is a group Maori war dance originally from New Zealand. The Haka has been performed prior to battles in order to empower the fighting spirit as well as to frighten up the enemy and thus prepare the Maori warriors for upcoming turmoil. The Haka is full of acoustic expressions, cries, expressive hand and body gestures, stomping, grimaces, sticking out tongues and so on.

What the Haka does?

  • Breaking down the social barriers
  • Setting up the mentality of a victor
  • Release of tension, activation and synchronization of the team
  • Awakening of the fighters spirit

A modern Haka

In the 20th century the rugby team All Blacks of New Zealand adopted Haka as their ceremonial act and before and throughout the match they successfully used it to activate them selves and thus wining the match even before it starts or to turn the otherwise lost match.
The impact on teams moral and on the following results are undeniable and the New Zealend rugby team proved it many times as All Blacks were able to win where other teams fall short.
The Haka is used today in sports, in armies, in education and also in companies around the world.
Currently the Haka is used as an energizing ritual enhancing the team energy and to stimulate the fighters spirit we all posses. Certain connection is established between the team once the Haka is performed as the team works as one.

The demonstration

The Event Haka

The Haka performed during a company event or during a conference does amazingly shake up the energy level of the event and charge up the atmosphere. Common immersion into the ancient war dance creates tribe identity, and brings relief to both body and the mind. The Haka is not just an excellent icebreaker; it is also a great accelerator of social bonding. Another side effect is that the Haka will move the stiff bodies of participants and it will drive up the blood flow. For best experience we recommend having a space enabling a free movent of participants.
Time frame: 20 – 40 minutes
Unlimited attendees

Haka Team Building

The Haka strenghtens up the spirit on a deep level and literally it changes the group of individuals into a single tribe. During the preparation of the war dance it self we work with the group’s energy, attitude towards the team and setting the mind focus on the victory at hand. In one moment we work together with the body, mind, emotion and the voice of all the team members and through extraordinary experience we excite the team on a whole new level of cooperation and trust. To give the best and to expect the best from the team.
Time frame: 30 – 90 minutes
10 – 50 attandees